Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science? Is it safe?

The study of science had helped us find hidden answers of the world. However, human beings are unconscious of what science has done to us. Lets take antibiotics for an example, even though we are healing from these anitbiotics, we are also weakening our immune system. This is an example of a harmful product that science has given to us. Scientists have realised throughout the mass productions of these antibiotics, it can cause a harm to our body and immune systems.

I enjoy the study of science, because through science, we have developed art, medics, and history. With the benefits of science, we can develop things that meets the needs of our daily life. From transportation to production of gas. We have made the world a better place to live for ourselves, but we never realize that we are harming our global earth. Even though we use to say, water cannot be gone no matter how we use it; but they did not realize that water is not always available to drink. For instance, if water is salted, or if water is contaminated, the chance that we can get sick is rather high. Moreover, we are pulling the extincting resources out of Earth's body. We don't even realize that we need all these resources for the Earth to balanze and sustain it's ozone layers. We are producing pollution from failing science experiences, or devices that science has brought in to harm us. To me science is a want, and to others science may be a need. However, I believe that we can live in this world without science. Besides, current science is the studying of answers, and I don't see how studying answers will make answers different from being answers already.

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