Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science? Is it safe?

The study of science had helped us find hidden answers of the world. However, human beings are unconscious of what science has done to us. Lets take antibiotics for an example, even though we are healing from these anitbiotics, we are also weakening our immune system. This is an example of a harmful product that science has given to us. Scientists have realised throughout the mass productions of these antibiotics, it can cause a harm to our body and immune systems.

I enjoy the study of science, because through science, we have developed art, medics, and history. With the benefits of science, we can develop things that meets the needs of our daily life. From transportation to production of gas. We have made the world a better place to live for ourselves, but we never realize that we are harming our global earth. Even though we use to say, water cannot be gone no matter how we use it; but they did not realize that water is not always available to drink. For instance, if water is salted, or if water is contaminated, the chance that we can get sick is rather high. Moreover, we are pulling the extincting resources out of Earth's body. We don't even realize that we need all these resources for the Earth to balanze and sustain it's ozone layers. We are producing pollution from failing science experiences, or devices that science has brought in to harm us. To me science is a want, and to others science may be a need. However, I believe that we can live in this world without science. Besides, current science is the studying of answers, and I don't see how studying answers will make answers different from being answers already.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gorillaz!!! Why Faust?

The idea of putting your life into a trade with the Devil has been a revolutionary change in British literature writing. In the song, Faust by the Gorillaz, it brought out lyrics of difficult understandings as if it was a new language that they created just for the song. However, it gives a gloomy noise as if it is an evil song, or a song of sorcery. The idea of selling your soul to the Devil to make your life better is often defined as an erupted deal. It is highly risky to do such things of such sort with the Devil, and is rather unexplainable. Such immortality has lead the mindset to greed and how it will bring us to the Devil.
The term Faust itself had a meaning, and it is about this mythical German character that is highly educated and also a protagonist. He was unwilling dissatisfied with his life, and for pleasure and understanding, he sold his soul to the Devil. In the song, the lyrics gave a gloomy meaning saying that, "After a hard day, After a hard day. It's time to wake up, after a hard day." With the meaning of Faust and the lyrics, we can try to play a scene in our mind that this mythical German character has regretted selling his soul to the Devil, and would want out after all that he's been through. I believe that there is a deeper meaning to be understood in this song, but I clearly believe that Faust and the songs relationship plays the definition of selling your soul to the Devil. The intense beat and native language of the unknown builds up a pressure of darkness and sorcery.
In this case, the song is the climbing climax of selling your soul to the Devil. With the name of the song, it gives the plot of the story as this unknown German who sold his soul to the Devil even though he is synced with such wise understandings. This language that the Gorillaz used is most likely to be Japanese, it is also a single track that was in special edition cases in Japan. However, the other albums of the Gorillaz had often time been Devil related, or contains a song about the Devil. It brings up an interesting idea of Faust, where it is used in present literature found in music. The story is brief, but the meaning is rather deep.

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Ode to...

An Ode to My Broken Watch...

Oh, my broken watch whose made so fine, (a)
How I like you and your brightening shine. (a)
How dare that of Omega; (b)
Who believes that your from bodega. (b)
I hate it when others discriminate mine. (a)

The second your were broken, my heart started soaken; (a)
Even though you don't cost me a dime, you still cost me a token. (a)
I like you so much because of your gold lining bling, (b)
But them out there think your not a thing. (b)
But your are such a fine sign of mine. (a)

Them clocks out there are still ticking, (a)
And everyone just starts mimicking. (a)
Here comes one two then three, (b)
And my watch here is stuck with three. (b)
Everyone out there are ticking. (a)

I hope that you don't blame the kids and their band; (a)
Cause, after all this is all they understand. (a)
I hope that I can say R.I.P, (b)
And beside you, t'will be me. (b)
This and that and that and this, tick and tock and tock and tick, I miss the times where your on my hand. (a)

Monday, March 5, 2012


As we watched Gulliver's Travels, we have seen Gulliver encounter the Yahoos. The Yahoos have a very wild lifestyle, where everything seems to be in a weird orientation. Leadership is poorly displayed by human beings. We intend to face those with higher power, those that are considered "bad". Furthermore, the Yahoos only mated with the superior. The redheads, however, are sex addicts, and they like to have a lot of interactions. There wars are meaningless, since neither side can forgive each other from slightly touching each other, the world ends up in a disaster. Yahoos have made this world a corrupted. The idea of this scene is to show how corrupted the government is, the leadership that are being displayed indicates the high officials slacking off and having fun. The mating is an idea of Darwinism, where the better "genetics" will survive for a longer time. At last, he carefully disses the redheads for having sex addicts, however, he is talking against his own government.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meditation 17: Translation

Meditation 17 Translation - Flattened

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Epigraph

Born Happily, Lived Happily, Died Sadly

I have decided to choose such epigraph being printed on my tombstone is because I will be born as a happy child, I will live my life and find happiness through it, but I will die with a sad mood because of realizing how great happiness was. This is one major reason why I believe that my epigraph would be a good demonstration of how people should view their worthiness of life that God has given unto us. This epigraph is for all those that find life meaningless. I wanted to show them that even though life is meaningless, you can still have a lot fun. Lessons you can learn from this epigraph is that to be born happily is the day that you see the world coming out of your mother's womb and you feel the love and passion being shined upon you from your parents. Then you live a meaningul and healthy life, settle down and keep yourself happy. At last, you can experience your first time being sad where you realize how full of such happiness still survives on Earth and that humanity still have a hope.

Appropriate Responses to Death

People often view Death as if it contains a fearful power. However, I believe that we should view Death as if it is a part of a religion. With such a superstitious thought on Death now, we don' have to be afraid of it. Simply because, when it comes, let it come. If Death is promised, than Eternal Life will also be promised. This is also why I believe that Death should be part of a religion, it is so that we can forget about Death easily and not fear it when it comes. However, I think people take Death too seriously, because I like to think that sometimed\s being dead is better than being alive. One major reason is because when your dead, you don't have to be a hater and start hating, and you don't have to be a lover and start loving. You will lose your emotions and thoughts when your dead, and Death is just a longer sleep than normal rests. Therefore, I think that we should view Death as if it is a time for people to rest from all the hard work they achieve while they were still alive.